Body, Mind & Soul

We see health in the three areas of body, mind and soul. These are inextricably linked. We can see our bodies with our eyes and grasp them with our hands, we rely on our sensory perception.

The perception of mind

In the case of the mind, this becomes more difficult because this takes place via an extrasensorial perception. As children we have the ability to see colors around our bodies and to see ourselves as part of the whole. As soon as “I” and “you” are learned we are already in the perception of a separation. Most people forget to see the colors around the body (aura) because our senses are extremely flooded and overstimulated in the “modern” world. We should be aware that it does not mean that something does not exist because we cannot see it such as radio waves, radiation or love.

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A soul is energy and energy can never be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed.

"The mind can never be sick"

Rudolf Steiner was of the opinion that there is no such thing as mental illness, since the mind can never be sick. It may very well be that a spirit cannot develop properly in the given body and it’s physical conditions. A healthy mind can only live in a healthy body, as the Roman poet Juvenal recognized about 2000 years ago. If people lack nutrients, they are also more susceptible to parasites, which pursue their own goals in the body and thus prevent the mind from developing freely. Parasites can control people emotionally and move them to actions that they would not carry out in a parasite-free state, see Toxoplasma Gondii. In contrast to our physical body, our soul is immortal and strives for experiences in this lowest realm, the physical manifestation. 

arambha health

Further Projects:

Anyone who wants to understand the basis of human health must first deal with the nature of agricultural soils.


The Arambha Permaculture project is contributing to the efforts to conserve the native Laurisilva forest by periodic reforestation actions.

In order to prepare children and young people well for life, we founded the Barefoot Life Architect School.



Our Superadobe domes are made from a mixture of lime, sand and gravel and are designed to last for a very long time and to ensure a healthy indoor climate. 

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