Recharge Energy

Our Superadobe domes are made from a mixture of lime, sand and gravel and are designed to last for a very long time and to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Since the name of the island translates as wood, we wanted to pay more attention to this topic and are doing pioneering work in exploring this topic. 100% natural, without artificial insulation materials, toxic adhesives or other materials that affect human health.​

arambha eco construction

In Madeira it is very challenging to deal with the high humidity and to avoid mold growth in buildings above a certain sea level. Thanks to the high pH value of lime, it is preferable to cement. Furthermore, the lime mixture makes the structure able to breath and also keeps many insects away from the interior. Lime was used a time ago to build on the island and the “good” houses were described as “made of lime and stone”. In summer the buildings stay fresh thanks to the lime, it feels like air conditioning and in winter wood stoves provide cozy warmth. The walls store the heat and slowly release it again. Due to the round design, the heat stays mainly in the rooms with the stoves and thus ensures a pleasant temperature difference to the bedrooms, where a slightly lower temperature is desired.

arambha eco construction

Further Projects:

Anyone who wants to understand the basis of human health must first deal with the nature of agricultural soils.

The Arambha Permaculture project is contributing to the efforts to conserve the native Laurisilva forest by periodic reforestation actions.

In order to prepare children and young people well for life, we founded the Barefoot Life Architect School


A soul is energy and energy can never be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed.

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