The basis of human health

Anyone who wants to understand the basis of human health must first deal with the nature of agricultural soils. Humans are made up of over 80 minerals, metals and trace elements and in the long term are dependent on consuming them in the form of wholesome foods in order to make progress in life in a fully functioning and healthy manner.

Togetherness for one another

With a look at the soil quality of a country, one can draw conclusions and make prognoses about the health of the population.

In addition to the minerals, the arrangement of the plants also plays an important role. In a proper mixed culture we find plenty of plants that are not eatable for humans. Insects, birds, small animals, bacteria and other microorganisms will benefit of those. If we see the wholeness of life as a “togetherness and for one another”, then we understand that part of “our” food belongs to the animals.

arambha agriculture
arambha agriculture

Nature rewards diversity

Another advantage with a high diversity of plants is the development of the secondary plant substances. In order for a plant to assert itself against others, it has to be strong and it has to protect itself from predators. This is done with secondary plant substances. Many of these substances bring health benefits to people, especially when it comes to preventing desease and maintaining good health.

A lot of research is carried out on secondary plant substances in laboratories and yet, due to the large number of plants, very little is known and even less is known about the synergetic effect when combining the active ingredients. Nature rewards diversity and cooperation. When composting, humans bring the soil to life and promote diversity in the microorganisms and thus have an “army” that works for them; similar to the healthy intestinal flora. The more animals are invited on the land, the more they give back as fertilizer in the form of excrement. The great cycle; Everything is connected.

Finally we invade their areas and claim them for ourselves. Nature gives enough for everyone and as a reminder: Nature does not need humans.

arambha agriculture

Further Projects:

The Arambha Permaculture project is contributing to the efforts to conserve the native Laurisilva forest by periodic reforestation actions.

In order to prepare children and young people well for life, we founded the Barefoot Life Architect School.


A soul is energy and energy can never be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed.



Our Superadobe domes are made from a mixture of lime, sand and gravel and are designed to last for a very long time and to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

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