Arambha Eco Village

A place of Exchange

Arambha is a permaculture project for the networking of cultures and the synergetic use of resources. We live in an exciting and challenging time in which, as never before, there is the chance to combine old with new knowledge and to exchange ideas.​

A place of peaceful exchange and holistic healing.

Different cultures bring different knowledge from different ages and on this we rely. Arambha means “beginning” and “one” in Sanskrit and serves as a showcase for the transition into a new age. 

There are only a few places in the world where you can find such a variety of plants. How does it sound to you: chestnut trees next to bananas, lemons next to plums or walnuts next to passion fruit? The conscious person longs to supply his body with nutrients, to nourish his spirit philosophically and to offer free development for his soul. Our soul path includes the provision and organization of a place of peaceful and open exchange and holistic healing.

Regardless of whether you are interested in organic farming, sustainable construction, holistic health or alternative education, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Arambha!

arambha workshop tent

Projects at Arambha:

Anyone who wants to understand the basis of human health must first deal with the nature of agricultural soils.


The Arambha Permaculture project is contributing to the efforts to conserve the native Laurisilva forest by periodic reforestation actions.


In order to prepare children and young people well for life, we founded the Barefoot Life Architect School.


A soul is energy and energy can never be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed.


Our Superadobe domes are made from a mixture of lime, sand and gravel and are designed to last for a very long time and to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

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